FlexZone Flexibility Studio
Because life’s not flexible, but you can be!

Assisted stretching for all ages and activity levels!

At FlexZone, our mission is to revolutionize well-being through customized stretching programs. We are committed to reducing the risk of injury, amplifying energy levels, and boosting strength and power. By empowering each individual with the freedom of enhanced movement, we strive to elevate overall health and inspire a transformative journey to lasting wellness.


Embark on your flexibility journey with confidence and enjoy the full range of benefits included in membership!


One-on-one sessions provide personalized attention for your flexibility goals. Elevate your journey with tailored assistance.


Stretch anytime, anywhere with our on-demand library of flexibility sessions. Your flexibility journey, your schedule.

Your membership

  • Personalized assisted stretching sessions
  • Access to state-of-the-art flexibility equipment
  • Expert guidance from certified Flexibility Coaches
  • A supportive community dedicated to your well-being

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Welcome to FlexZone Niceville in Bluewater Bay, your destination for expert assisted stretching techniques. Our tailored programs address various ailments, catering to diverse age groups and activity levels.

Whether you seek improved sleep, enhanced overall well-being, increased mobility, or heightened strength and power, our services deliver holistic benefits. Experience improved sports performance, enhanced blood flow, reduced aches and pains, lowered injury risks, and accelerated recovery.

At FlexZone, our Flexibility Coaches boast prior health and wellness expertise and undergo rigorous education to obtain certification as stretching and flexibility specialists.


So I gotta say it! Anyone wondering if this works… YES! I felt great 2-3 months in BUT now I feel wonderful! All of a sudden I feel STRONG and my muscles feel LEAN! Loving this!

This place rocks! I have old injuries and they are fixing them (IMO). Better than massage!!! I go once a week and miss it when I can’t go!

Amazing service and quality. It's interesting when you start to stretch, your body becomes more limber and you notice your mobility improve. Def need this if you're tight or workout/are an athlete!

Finished my first session with Katie at FlexZone. We're working on a 60 day program. It costs less than expected. Can't wait for next week! Hope to be bending better with less pain! Thank you!

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